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So much focus in hiring is put on industry experience. For a marketing role companies are looking for 1-2 years of experience in their industry for entry level roles. Does this make sense to anyone?!

What would you say if we told you there were stallions out there for each position you are hiring for that have the horsepower, motivations, and the interests to excel in your organization? Do not hire harder, hire smarter. In our presentation we will discuss alternate recruiting and interviewing processes to consider, as well as how to get your new hire up to speed quickly. The future of talent isn’t finding unicorns, it’s creating them.

The Resultants

In business, people often talk about culture as this nebulous, mystical thing that is tough to wrap our arms around. At the same time, most of us acknowledge how critical culture is in order for a company to be successful. In fact, many great business thought leaders insist that the strength and health of the culture will have a much greater impact on company performance than will the quality of a strategy. Our experience has proven this to be true as well.

So, how can you start using culture as a catalyst for driving performance? Building a strong leadership team that is aligned around a shared vision and values is a major first step in the right direction.

Creating a healthy culture is no simple task and whether big or small, this last year surely made an impact on your company’s culture. How can you …

  • 1) Understand what team health is and learn how to create and grow a healthy leadership team?
  • 2) Structure your organization to reach its maximum potential?
  • 3) Clarify and communicate your company’s vision and plan for growth?
  • 4) Get everyone in your organization all working towards the same desired outcome?

The process can be challenging, but many companies have accomplished this and many more, including yours, will in the future.

Pivotal Advisors

There were a lot of disruptions in recent years, both personally and professionally. As a result, many of us had to make changes to our businesses. We had to shift priorities, opportunities, team members, and resources. That being said, things are not going to be the same as before.

So now is the time to prepare for the post-crisis world. In this session, we’ll be looking at:

  • 1) Re-evaluating what is working and what is not
  • 2) Reviewing your sales process
  • 3) How and when to hire your sales team
  • 4) Executing on changes

Join us to learn about a few practical ideas to get you started on your roaring sales future.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting

This session will cover the real threat that exists to all of our businesses and our growing responsibility to protect our companies, investments, and employees. We’ll explore real examples from local companies that have suffered significant breaches and the impact it had, as well as the time it took to recover.

Bruce Lach, President of SUCCESS, will share why, after 30 years of executive leadership roles, cybersecurity is the only thing that keeps him up at night. He will share his approach to guiding an industry-leading security practice and how other businesses can benefit from the framework SUCCESS follows.

Brandon Nohr, Chief Technology Officer and Certified Ethical Hacker, will join Bruce to provide real-world examples of breaches his team has been a part of and what could have been done to limit the damage. Brandon will show how easy it is for hackers to gain access and why we all need to be concerned about the threat. Most importantly, he’ll share what needs to be done to improve your business’s defenses.

You’ll walk away from this session knowing:

    • Why you are a target even if you don’t think you are (hint, you are)
    • What to ask of your IT team to understand your risk
    • What to do to improve your protection
    • What you can do to prepare for quick recovery

This session is about protecting the bottom line to make sure you can focus on sales, operations, and administration.