Building a Healthy Sales Organization

Gary Braun

Gary Braun
Partner & Co-founder of Pivotal Advisors

Most owners have goals around top-line and profitable sales growth. However, many struggle to get their sales teams to achieve those growth goals. Owners typically try to address those issues through things like sales training, replacing sales leaders or salespeople, investing in technology, or restructuring the incentive plan to “motivate” the team to sell more. These tactics rarely get the desired outcome.

In this session, Gary will discuss the six key factors in building a healthy sales organization that consistently and predictably achieve sales goals. Gary will then talk about the fundamental shifts a sales organization needs to make from a reactive organization that chases anything into a world-class organization that is disciplined and wins at a high rate. Attendees will walk away with:

  • An understanding of why typical approaches to driving sales growth don’t work
  • Specific strategies that they can apply to their own business
  • Tools that can be applied by their sales leaders to increase accountability and become more intentional with their sales efforts